Introducing Anna Wilson Interiors

So, here I am.  Anna Wilson Interiors!

Starting a fresh blog for the Interior Design community and for those that just love to learn about new and exciting products and artisans that create wonderful things for the home.

In sorts, its the beginning of a new chapter. A fresh start and the beginning of a very exciting new adventure into the world that is the blogosphere. Over the past months I have been so inspired by like minded people taking the courage to put pen to paper, or should I say thoughts to computer to write about things that interest them, that they have knowledge about and they really want to share with the world. Ill be honest, its a little scary, putting yourself out there for the world to see. What if you dont like what Im writing about? Dont agree with my opinions? But Ive come to realise that it would be an incredibly boring world if everyone liked the same thing so that gives me courage and I hope that some of you will like what you read about or at least find it a teeny bit interesting because Im planning to share all sorts of fun things! 

I ought to explain a little about me. I consider myself Cornish, having spent most of my childhood there, spending my days riding with my friends and spending my youth in the fresh, open countryside, that was if I wasnt spending time travelling and living in new countries due to my Dads job. I still love the countryside and Im always desperate to get on a plane and travel to somewhere new and exciting. Now as mother to two gorgeous girls and an amazingly energetic springer spaniel my life is a little more settled albeit chaotic and my lovely hubby gets to do all of the travelling through his job and I try to live my life vicariously through him!

As an interior designer I have been so lucky to work in the past for leading Singaporean Interior Design Firm, Design Intervention. I cant tell you how delighted I was to see a 6 page spread of them in the latest Andrew Martin Review, amazing stuff. It was such an amazing experience working with them while I lived in Singapore. Later when I moved back to the UK I was delighted to be hired by Helen Green Design, a leading UK design firm which continues to set the benchmark of design within the Interior Design world here in the UK.

So with the experience gained I went out on my own back in 2011 and set up my own company and Ive never looked back. Interior Design is what I live, work and breathe and I love every moment of it. I have however, decided that now is the time for a rebrand and a fresh look to the company and I have decided that it is time that I shared with you all of the discoveries I find within the world of interior design, as its a little selfish to keep it all to myself!

I am constantly making fresh discoveries when I am sourcing items for clients. Whether this is something simple like a local potter who makes beautiful individual vases or a screen printer who creates small quantities of delightful fabrics. In a world of mass produced, lower quality products I wanted to share with you the quality that still exists with true artisans creating beautiful items with which you can fill your homes. I hope you enjoy what I find for you.

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