Molly Mahon Textile Designer

Writing this blog sends me in all sorts of fun and different directions. I see something new every week and I love the opportunity it gives me to celebrate some very talented artisans, it truly makes me excited about writing and sharing my finds with you. I was very fortunate when a friend pointed me in the direction of Molly Mahon. A textile designer that specialises in block printing using hand-cut lino blocks to create a whole host of fun and vibrant fabrics. She is rapidly diversifying to sustain the demands of her pretty designs. Starting with stationary, she quickly turned her hand to creating wallpapers and fabrics and it would seem that she's not about to stop there. A little insight into Molly Mahon can be seen in my interview with her below;

When did your interest in block printing start?

When I lived in Barnes. I lived very close to a gorgeous shop called Tobias and the Angel. I loved all that she created and so when I spotted that she offered workshops I had to go! That was it for me - I have been block printing ever since.
Where do you get your inspiration?
Everywhere! Out on a walk, looking through a magazine,a book, browsing shops, travelling (esp to India), vintage fabrics, my kids - it's all around all the time, one just has to keep ones eyes open and I then try to interpret things in my own way.
What does the process of block printing involve?
In short.., drawing a design, tracing it on to Lino, carving it, turning that into a block, preparing the fabric/paper, printing printing printing, drying, ironing, washing, ironing and ta da!!!  
Do you produce all of the paper and fabric finishes yourself in your studio?
No... Due to demand we outsourced the fabric and wallpaper printing to a long standing fabric printer in Cheshire who use my original block printed design. I still hand print bespoke orders of fabric and all the paper for our stationery in my workshop and when it gets busy I have the help of some of the sixth form girls from our local school. They are brilliant.

Are there any upcoming block printing courses that you will be running?

Oh yes - I just did my first one and it was such a success - I loved it. I am arranging a schedule to do some more next year...send me an email if you are interested!
Any Exciting upcoming news or things to look forward to seeing?
Ooh always - I can't stop sampling new products that work well with block printed designs. I am going to India a lot at the mo and I am working with some really talented block printers on a number of things out there... Watch this space....!!


Molly Mahon currently has a pop up store in Bloomsbury at Pentreath & Hall, Rugby Street. As you can see from the images below the store is oozing beautiful colours and prints. Her lovely stationary including notebooks, pen pots, letter trays and box files will brighten up any office. There are stunning lampshades and cushions and fabric which can be bought for you to take home and make your own creation. You can also find beautiful scarves, wash bags and quilts that would make perfect Christmas presents.

The shop is open for 26 days of November so hurry on over to Bloomsbury to see all of Molly's creations. If you are unable to make to see her store in London. Then check out her online store where you will hopefully be able to source a whole host of Christmas presents and maybe one or two little treats for yourself!

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Photos provided by Molly Mahon & Pinterest