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At Decorex this year, I had a great time exploring all the show had to offer and loving the variety of products and styles that were available. Many were well known brands launching a new collection or showcasing many of their beautiful products. I was keeping a particular eye out for new names that I hadn’t come across before and I was delighted to find ‘TurnPost’ and their exquisite beds.

Anna Wilson Interiors | TurnPost Beds

Apparently an average person spends one-third of their lives asleep, which is approximately 318 months in total just laying in bed. That is a seriously big chunk of our lives. Why when we endeavour to get the best that life can throw at us during our waking hours do we so often neglect the sleeping ones? I think as a nation we are starting to realise the importance of a good nights sleep, so for those that are considering an upgrade to their quality of sleep, consider looking to having a bed that has been lovingly made in Yorkshire and for all of you designers out there; how can you resist including such high quality workmanship in your next project, your clients will thank you for it!

Turnpost was created last year in 2014 so really is a new addition to the creative market but they are no newbies to the design scene. I had the pleasure to interview TurnPost so please read on to learn a little more:

  • How long has Turnpost been creating beautiful bespoke beds?

We launched our business 18 months ago, in March 2014, but before that Vanessa Rhodes had been making some bespoke beds for her interior design business in Yorkshire, so the business started from there really - there wasn't anyone making what we needed in the UK, so we thought we might as well do it for other people as well!

  • Where are your beds made, and by who?

Vanessa and Lili design our beds at our Wetherby HQ and we work with local woodturners, cabinet makers, wood finishers and upholsterers within Yorkshire to keep it local!

Anna Wilson Interiors | TurnPost Beds
  • What would be your dream project to work on/client to work for?

We have been fortunate enough to work with some fantastic interior designers, both on residential interiors and a few hotels. So I would say that we are already working with our dream clients, ie. anyone with a passion for design, quality and customer service.

  • Where do you turn for for inspiration for your new designs?

Anywhere and everywhere! Whenever we are out and about at the weekend, we are always admiring lovely antiques, modern furniture and of course a "lovely bit of turned wood"!

  • Can you describe your beds and what makes them unique and stand out in the market place?

Our beds are a modern interpretation of what is fundamentally a very old product - the four poster bed! We make all of our beds out of solid ash, which has the most fantastic grain and thus make the most of the wood's natural beauty by allowing the grain to show through on finishes (unless of course a customer does want a solid lacquer finish!). As we make all of our beds to order in Yorkshire, not only are we able to personally oversee the production and quality, it allows us to keep the lead-time down to just 6 weeks which is unheard of for bespoke commissions of this high quality level.

It is amazing that these beds are all created by hand by carpenters using traditional techniques, I love that they have managed to keep the whole process from design to production all within Yorkshire so that it can be closely monitored. Even the wool they use for the upholstered beds is British Made. And to top it all their collection of mattresses to fit the beds are also handcrafted in the UK!

Anna Wilson Interiors | TurnPost Beds

Please take a look at TurnPost and all of their beautiful products on their website at www.turnpost.co.uk

photos supplied by TurnPost

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