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I first discovered DelightFULL when I fell in love with one of their floor lights for a project. I'm still hoping it will make an appearance so watch this space! This discovery is really quite exciting because it has introduced me to a huge luxury design area which somehow before had managed to miss my radar. DelightFULL in itself is quite awesome, their lights are fun, cool and fresh. I have included lots of images so hope you can get an idea about why I think this is such a great find! DelightFULL is  also a part of the Menina Design Group. This group includes luxury brands such as Brabbu, Koket, Boca do Lobo, Luxxu, Maison Valentina and Circu. A portuguese group of companies which all work independently until now!

At the end of last year they launched the Covet Lounge in London and I was invited to see what all of the excitement was about. At the forefront of innovation and service, four brands have come together (Boca Do Lobo, DelightFULL, Koket and Brabbu) to create an apartment in Chelsea, close to the design centre, showcasing their products. A unique concept allowing each brand to display their new products and how they can integrate with each other in a functioning apartment set up. Such a refreshing idea compared to the numerous showrooms designers are seeing on a day to day basis. Designers and clients can be entertained in comfort, perhaps with a glass of wine or an evening cocktail while they peruse the products and the samples allowing complete customisation of almost every item. The whole concept is pretty unique and personally love the idea. I'm already looking forward to a further visit to meet with the friendly sales team.

Please read my interview below with DelightFULL...

When was DelightFULL established and become part of the Menina Design Group?
DELIGHTFULL was found in 2008 already as part of Menina Design Group.
What is the vision behind DelightFULL?
DELIGHTFULL's lighting reflects a personality, a frame of mind and strong emotions which are present in each detail. Working with our hands we transfer our passion and devotion into everything we make and thus our masterpieces are born.
DELIGHTFULL’s vision is focused on the best combination of high quality design and high quality craftsmanship. Our pieces not only illuminate interiors they also add strong design presence to a space with their unique forms.
DELIGHTFULL’s world is about ambiance, history, moments that stay forever through lighting designs created by our artisans with wisdom and passion for craftsmanship. It is a know-how culture combining the past Heritage of handwork with attention to emerging needs of the future.
Who is the main creative designer for DelightFULL? 
Our CEO & Head Designer Diogo Carvalho with his team of creative designers form DELIGHTFULL DESIGN STUDIO.
“Our unique brand is made of persistent people that always try to surpass the limits:
from the designers, to the craftsman, client relations team, marketing team, press
relations and content managers, there’s a valuable team working hard for the brand.
DelightFULL in one word is versatility! Our collections are suitable for any ambiance,
since classics to urbans, minimalistic or even luxurious. And that is what took us to
international projects such as the Paramount Hotel in New York City, DelightFULL
International Corner at Harrods in London or the Idol Hotel in Paris.
DelightFULL’s collections are born from combining past heritage of 40’s, 50’s, 60’s
and a contemporary design touch, a unique design concept that recovers stilnovo
artistic movement as never before.
The launch of Graphic Collection in 2014 marked undoubtedly a before and after in
brand’s philosophy: the fresh spirit is now a certainty; more than ever we are open
to new challenges, new ways to redefine our tipologies, but always faithfull to our
essence. The ability to surpasse ourselves with a high ahestetical sense is reflected
in Graphic Collection.
The year of 2015 marks a true and unexpected change at DelightFULL. We are
taking our first steps into the furniture world with our new Essentials Collection. A
lifestyle collection with a retro chic inspiration behind every piece.
Our design team were inspired once again by the 60’s and 70’s, but they took it one
step further into the Ian Fleming’s double agents world and added a Bossa Nova
swing with a hand full of tropical sensations.
DelightFULL’s creations have always embodied a passion for innovation and a true
dedication to the revival of local artisan craftsmanship. However, at this point, we
felt the need to expand and express even more our love for retro design.
DelightFULL is a restless brand that is comfortable at taking risks and creating iconic
masterpieces for different interior design projects. DelightFULL is not all about
lighting pieces. It is a luxury design brand, focused on the best combination of high
quality design and high quality craftsmanship. Our pieces not only decorate
interiors, they also add a strong design presence to a space with their unique forms.”
Diogo Carvalho

Diogo Carvalho

What is the inspiration behind the DelightFULL lights?
 Strongly sculptured forms, reduced shapes, clear lines and plenty of color – these are characteristic features of our collections. The styling is luxurious but always effortless. Decorative elements are unconventionally reinterpreted. Charismatic shapes and superior materials create an elegant look full of refinement and modernity.
Delightfull’s unique collection, Heritage assorted the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s Soul and Jazz legacy with the major value a man can have – wisdom- to do with his own hands. For that reason each piece is done with passion and hold a history, a moment a soul.
Where are the lights produced? 
Our pieces are all handmade, created by our artisans with wisdom and passion for craftsmanship. The production is a small familiar factory – Castro Lighting - in Porto, near our installations.
Founded in 1978, Castro Lighting, is today an international reference in the lighting market. Professionalism, experience and trust are values that define the relationship between our company and our customers. With a young and dynamic team, we are always side by side with the latest market trends.
The Essential Home has recently been launched, what is the philosophy behind this collection and what can we look forward to seeing?
Essential Home is the epitome of bohemian thoughtful unique design. Its design merge important historical references from the ‘30s and 60’s with contemporary influences.
The harmony of masculine and feminine, classic and contemporary, high and low, is integral to the brand’s maverick sense of eclecticism and fearless, iconic style. The brand deals with different,
intimate and cozy ambiences that express the elegance and refinement of a home luxury. Essential Home has a midcentury modern signature that makes it desirable to all.
Essential Home Collection began in the form of the first furniture collection of the lighting design brand DelightFULL. “Soon we understood that this collection had a mind of its own. Essential Home eclectic style inspired us to create more and more. We couldn’t keep it inside doors anymore” said Nuno Corte Real, one of the designers involved in the creation of this retro high end universe.
Essentials become Essential Home and the midcentury modern furniture brand was born. The brand evolved into a 50’s and 60’s world of inspiration where bestsellers such as the Monocles Sideboard design played an important part of setting the retro mood that was going to serve as a stepping stone for the newcomer brand.
A union characterized by sensitivity, colors, matter and design. Here is how the ambiences, through a strongly evocative connotation of the ‘50s, give their guests a sort of union between past and present. Outline of the past that merge in a contemporary and modern ambience, creating in this way an eclectic atmosphere, characterized by matt, soft and cozy tones.

What do you think? I certainly think this is a brand to follow. If you're looking for some pieces within your design that stand out and give a funky edge then look no further. I think the Essential Home collection will be particularly exciting as this part of the company expands.

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Images are all courtesy of DelightFULL