Yastik By Rifat Ozbek

There is something about these cushions made by Rifat Ozbek which set them aside from the rest. Something other than their price tag which can reach as high as £900 a cushion! The quality together with the matching and contrasting designs make these cushions stand out. The stunning ikat and beautiful use of colour make me want to buy a whole truck load and distribute them around my house with flourish! Alas, two children under the age of four prevents me from such outlandish behaviour and instead they will be added to my 'One day' wish list.

What you have to remember about these cushions is that they are not just a cushion, they are a work of art. A work of art to be displayed and admired on your sofa as you would a piece of art on your wall. They are collectible items to be enjoyed. When you walk into the Yastik shop in London or Istanbul it's not really a shop at all, its a gallery showcasing these fabulous art pieces. I think if you think of them in this light and look at the detail and work involved in making them you can appreciate their worth.

Yastik was created by Rifat Ozbek after a lifetime of working in the fashion industry. When he felt he had done all he could within the world of fashion he turned his attention to his home. He realised that it was impossible to get the quality, texture and the pattern of cushions that he would like like in his own house he started making them, and Yastik was born in 2005. The word 'Yastik' literally means 'pillow' in Turkish.

Yastik brings out a new collection of cushions twice a year with no more than 16 of each style. Below you can see a quick snap shot of the Spring/Summer 2016 collection which will be launched shortly. Which colour way is your favourite?

His cushions with their Ikat or Suzeni embroidery are produced in limited quantities from Uzbekistan and remote areas of central Asia where they use timeless techniques to create their textiles. Ozbek puts a fresh stance on the designs allowing them to fit in with modern interiors. The cushions are filled with down and and handful of Lavender to add the ultimate sense of tranquility and sensual touch.

NEWS RELEASE: I am very excited that I can also share with you that Yastik by Rifat Ozbek is just about to launch its very first candle range at the end of the month. Two scented candles in contrasting moods. The scent has been developed together with London perfumer Azzi Glasser. So be quick and make sure you get your hands on a new candle as soon as you can! I'm sure these are going to become any interior stylist must have have for the up coming season!

The Istanbul scent (yellow) a sensual blend of bitter orange enhanced with warm oriental spices on a base accord of cedarwood, Sandlewood and musk oils. While the London scent (blue) is the cooler and more artful London fragrance, natural Lavender oils are captured in the heart surrounded by influences of Amber and soft woods.

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Images have been provided by Yastik